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  • How does a Lacuna Pool Covers compare to other swimming pool safety cover manufacturers?

    • We out from other swimming pool safety cover manufacturers due to our focus on customer service and satisfaction. We uses only the highest quality materials, typically reserved for commercial grade safety covers, to ensure the safety and durability of our products. For more information, please visit the section on our website.

  • Can Lacuna Pool Covers repair my existing swimming pool safety cover?

    • We prioritize the safety of our customers and their families. For this reason, we regret to inform you that we are not able to repair any existing covers due to safety concerns. 

    • However, we will continue to provide the best service and pricing possible for our own swimming pool safety covers. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Can a Lacuna safety cover be installed on brick, pavers, or concrete deck?

    • Yes, using the anchor-in-pipe method a safety cover can be securely installed onto a brick, pavers, or concrete deck.

  • How strong is a Lacuna safety cover?

    • Our safety covers meet the ASTM International Safety Standard F1346-91 and feature a double layer of webbing per strap and nearly twice as thick thread.

    • Please note that our safety covers are designed to protect your pool from weather and debris, and should not be used for jumping or walking. 

    • For more information, please refer to our Technical section.

  • How long will a Lacuna safety cover last?

    • Lacuna's safety covers are built to last, with a minimum lifespan of 10 years before needing to be replaced. You trust in the durability and reliability of our products to keep your pool safe and secure for years to come.

    • The lifespan of any safety cover depends on the geographical location and the complexity of the swimming pool. Average lifespan is 15 years for swimming pools away from the shore and 10 years close to the shore due to high winds.

  • Why should I choose a safety cover instead of a simple tarp or similar pool covering?

    • A tarp, often held in place by water bags or similar weighted objects only prevent debris from entering the pool water. A swimming pool safety cover on the other hand is a professionally constructed and installed solution.

      Lacuna safety covers are designed to protect not only your swimming pool from debris but also pets, family, and friends. Using specially designed anchors, a Lacuna safety cover is firmly held in place no matter the deck material, size, walls or water features.

  • Can a Lacuna safety cover prevent the growth of algae?

    • Yes, Lacuna recommends the Hybrid Mesh or Solid swimming pool safety covers in order to either slow or prevent the growth of algae. The Hybrid Mesh blocks 98% of sunlight while the Solid safety covers block 100% of sunlight.

  • My swimming pool is free-form, can Lacuna provide a custom safety cover?

    • Yes, Lacuna Pool Covers specializes in custom fitted swimming pool safety covers. Please contact us with your name, phone number, home address, and any special notes for a free estimate today!

  • I prefer to open my pool early, which cover is best for me?

    • Lacuna recommends the Standard Mesh material for swimming pool owners who open early.

      Standard Mesh is the most economical solution to maintaining your swimming pool clean and summer ready. The mesh material allows water to drain quickly (100 gallons per hour), eliminating the need for a surface water pump.

  • How much maintenance does a safety cover require?

    • All safety covers can be rinsed off with a standard garden hose. Mesh covers and Solid covers with drains should be rinsed off as required as their ability to drain surface water slows due to blockage. Solid covers require a surface water pump to remove excess water and melting snow.

Frequently Asked Questions

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