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Standard mesh material blocks 86% of sunlight from reaching your swimming pool water. Rainwater and melting snow to pass through the swimming pool safety cover at 100 gallons per minute. All mesh covers are lighter weight, more flexible, and require less maintenance than a solid cover. All safety covers provided by Lacuna Pool Covers are resistant to UV light, mildew, and common pool water treatment chemicals.


98% Mesh

Hybrid mesh is an improved variation of the standard mesh used by other manufacturers and features increased sunlight block ability. A special proprietary material, hybrid mesh blocks up to 98% of sunlight preventing algae from accumulating in pool water.

All hybrid mesh covers retain the same lightweight and flexible properties from standard covers but provides your swimming pool with superior protection against intrusive sunlight.

Available colors include Green, Blue, Gray, and Tan at no additional charge.


Constructed from solid vinyl with polypropylene scrim, solid safety covers block 100% of sunlight and keep out most debris. A solid Lacuna safety cover allows swimming pool owners to open their pools later in the season without worrying about algae growth. Solid swimming pool safety covers feature mesh drains which must be cleaned regularly. 

We no longer offer the Solid with Drains configuration, only Solid with Water Pump.

Available colors include Green, Tan, Gray, and Blue at no additional charge.

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