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High Shade Mesh - BLOCKS 98% of Sunlight

Looking for a pool cover that provides superior protection against intrusive sunlight? 


Consider High Shade Mesh, an improved variation of the standard mesh used by other manufacturers.  With its increased sunlight block ability, High Shade Mesh blocks up to 98% of sunlight, preventing algae from accumulating in the pool water. 

Available in Green, Blue, Gray, and Tan at no additional charge, all High Shade Mesh covers retain the same lightweight and flexible properties from standard mesh covers.


Our solid safety covers are made of durable vinyl with polypropylene scrim, which effectively blocks sunlight and prevents debris from entering the pool.

By using a solid Lacuna safety cover, homeowners can open their pools later in the season without worrying about algae growth.

We would like to recommend our High Shade Mesh covers over our Solid safety covers.

Although the Solid safety covers provide 100% sunlight blockage, they are heavier, more challenging to maintain, and have a shorter lifespan.


Our High Shade Mesh covers are a better option for most pool owners.

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