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All Lacuna safety covers are built to meet ASTM standard F1346-91. At Lacuna, we also utilize a small batch production process which allows our manufacturing professionals to nearly eliminate defects and provide you with a swimming pool safety cover you will value for years to come.  Some additional safety features are listed below.


  • Thread

    • Commercial grade

      • A standard residential safety cover uses 92 Tex no. thread

      • All Lacuna safety covers use 135 Tex no. thread

    • Triple protection

      • Tri-needle configuration allows for three rows of identical stitches with premium thread

    • Weather and chemical resistant

      • Marine environment ready, commercial grade thread stands up to harsh sunlight and swimming pool chemical treatments longer than standard thread.

  • Webbing

    • Double protection

      • Two layers of 1” wide polypropylene-nylon blended material increase standard break strength from 2,000lbs to 4,200lbs.

    • Zero misses

      • Lacuna safeguards against missed stitches by using contrasting white thread on all webbing.

  • Springs

    • Material

      • 302/304 Stainless steel construction allows for weather resistance and extended product life.

    •  Construction

      • Double-bar compression springs maintain a strong connection all season long.

      • Each spring is placed in a protective cover to prevent damage to deck material

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